Reviews: Don’t Wake Me


“What an extraordinary piece of work… brave, complex and funny as well as incredibly moving.” Roy Williams, playwright

“Spellbinding, heartening… a unique theatrical experience.’” Prunella Scales/Timothy West

“A truly remarkable evening… Jaye Griffiths radiates talent and feeling… The direction was both meticulous and unobtrusive… full of good writing…” Michael Pennington, actor, writer, director

“A wonderful piece of theatre … Brave, moving but also warm, witty and gritty… Brilliantly performed and staged..”  Jenny Buckman, Director, teacher, writer, formerly Head of Acting, RADA

“An amazing piece of writing and superb acting.” Julie Bindel,Guardian journalist

“I was completely swept up in the story … The ballad form works well.” Dame Julie Mellor, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Really beautifully written… incredibly moving…” Heather Harvey, Research and Development Manager, POPPY Project

“What a wonderful evening … funny and moving at the same time… Beautifully acted by Jaye Griffiths…” Helen Ryan, Actress

“Brilliant, courageous writing, brilliantly acted and directed.”Julia Bard, Writer and director

“Beautifully written, informative, passionate, humorous… Terrific structure… So well served by Jaye Griffiths and Guy Slater…” Anthony Clark, Artistic Director, Hampstead Theatre, 2003-2010

“So moving and memorable – this production stayed for ages in my thoughts.” Jackie Rowley, TV journalist, former Communications Director, Liberal-Democrats

“A remarkable depiction of human grief, resourcefulness, courage, and determination.  Jaye Griffiths gives an extraordinarily moving performance.   Guy Slater’s direction, using the simplest tools – a cot, an empty wheel chair – brings the absent child to life.” James Cox, BBC journalist, former presenter, “The World This Weekend

“The play was amazingly powerful – it stayed with me for a long time afterwards” Susan Humphry, C.E.O of I.A.P.A

“This is the most Epic love story I have seen for a long time. If you want your theatre, to challenge you, move you  and make you look at your own lives and loves with renewed vigour then drop everything and see this play now!“ Gurinder Chadha OBE, Film Director

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