Big Mouth-The Play

Bigmouth - The Play He who picks his words well can turn the weakest argument into the strongest. The absolute truth doesn’t exist. It’s just a pretty lie for those who desire world power, or just the hand of their beloved. In a tour de force performance, Valentijn Dhaenens pays tribute to 2,500 years of oration. Ingeniously weaving together seminal speeches from the Grand Inquisitor and Socrates to Mohammed Ali and Osama Bin Laden, Bigmouth shows the tricks of rhetoric have hardly changed. With five microphones on a bare set, his voice and indefatigable energy, Dhaenens traverses sermons, declarations of war, farewells, final arguments, victory speeches and eulogies from across time. It is hard not to be slightly envious of Valentijn Dhaenens. With his sinister charm and understat ...

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In the Window-The Play

In The Window - The Play Life hasn’t turned out the way Margaret dreamed. Lonely as hell in a house that won’t sell, no hubby, no kids and a deathly boring Job. So tonight she’s got a playdate with a bottle of rose and bowl of pink pills. But her romance with suicide is rudely interrupted by an intruder, a snoop and a policeman. Nuala McKeever, Belfast’s Queen of Comedy’ delivers a poignant, hilarious, disastrous cocktail that’s to die for about the resilience of the human heart in the face of… well just about everything that can go wrong in our crazy modern lives.   Nuala McKeever - Performer Nuala first came to public attention playing Emer in the Award winning BBC comedy Give My Head Peace, followed by writing and starring in her own show, McKeever on U ...

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