Solo Adventures Vs. Otherwise


There are many moments in life which are sweetened by the togetherness of family, friends, your workmates or even strangers – sharing a cup of tea, a laugh, a night on the town, or even a friendly smile sent across the room. But things like getting a massage, playing badminton, or even fighting involves atMore


Bigmouth – The Play He who picks his words well can turn the weakest argument into the strongest. The absolute truth doesn’t exist. It’s just a pretty lie for those who desire world power, or just the hand of their beloved. In a tour de force performance, Valentijn Dhaenens pays tribute to 2,500 years ofMore

In the Window


In The Window – The Play Life hasn’t turned out the way Margaret dreamed. Lonely as hell in a house that won’t sell, no hubby, no kids and a deathly boring Job. So tonight she’s got a playdate with a bottle of rose and bowl of pink pills. But her romance with suicide is rudelyMore

Festival Starts Oct 2013

Going Solo — India‘s only theatre festival of solo performances launches in October 2013, with shows in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, with  3 shows in 3 cities totaling 18 performances across 12 days! Featuring globally celebrated actors staging award winning  plays for the first time in India, the festival aims every year to provide IndianMore



British actor and playwright Pip Utton’s latest monodrama, Churchill, provides audiences with the privilege of spending 70 minutes in the company of one of the world’s most famous has-beens, the ever-entertaining Winston Churchill.

At the Edge


Ronnie Govender’s “At the Edge” and Other Cato Manor Stories offers a look into Cato Manor from the 1940s until its destruction in 1958/9 through a series of narratives. A one-woman show performed by renowned actress Jailoshini Naidoo,



Adolf is a powerful, provocative monodrama written and performed by British actor Pip Utton. A searing critique of fascism, the play has been produced in over twenty countries and translated into four languages.