British actor and playwright Pip Utton’s latest monodrama, Churchill, provides audiences with the privilege of spending 70 minutes in the company of one of the world’s most famous has-beens, the ever-entertaining Winston Churchill.
Rather than passing judgment on Churchill’s greatness (or lack thereof), the play merely allows its viewers to lazily accompany Winston as he indulges in his scotch, cigars, and reveries of the past.
Charming, light-hearted, and poignant, Churchill delivers as many laughs as it does insights into the life of one of history’s favourite figures.
Utton embodies Churchill, giving viewers a glimpse into his multifaceted nature while also allowing them to sympathize with the burden of responsibility all major decision-makers carry.

Artist Bio:

Pip Utton
Born, raised, and educated in Cannock, Pip Utton is today considered one of the UK’s leading solo performers. Pip writes, produces, and performs one-man acts around the world, inspiring audiences with his innovative and engaging monodramas. Educated as a gemologist, Pip was a jeweler by trade with no formal training as an actor. He entered amateur dramatics in his thirties, and has been known to call theatre his “midlife crisis.” Pip earned his first taste of success with his portrayal of Tony Hancock in Hancock’s Last Half Hour. Eighteen months later he founded his own company, Pip Utton Theatre Co., and enjoyed his next major triumph with Adolf, which he both wrote and performed. Adolf has toured all over the world, from Hong Kong to New Zealand to Estonia, and has been translated into four different languages. After his depiction of Adolf Hitler, Pip garnered a loyal following enamored by his interpretations of famous men, including Charlie Chaplin, Charles Dickens, and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The prolific Pip is a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, having performed every August for the last 21 years, and currently has seven shows in his repertoire, the newest of which is Churchill, and is working on three new shows at the moment. Though in his sixties, his energy is boundless, and he aims to continue producing one new piece each year.

Reviews of Adolf:

“Terrifying,searing, transfixing, It is quite impossible to be anything other than totally absorbed by Utton’s performance. ‘Adolf’ reaffirms the need and worth of political theatre.”  The Scotsman
“It caresses it’s way into your confidence and then chokes you on your own laughter”.  The List
“Unashamedly theatre with a message, with a vengeance… A tour de force”  The Stage
“Truly powerful theatre”  The Herald
“One of the most important plays of this generation”  Fine Print- India

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