The Going Solo Festival brings internationally acclaimed solo theatre to India for the very first time.

In October 2013 we debuted with performances by two acclaimed solo artists, Pip Utton and Jailoshini Naidoo. In 2014 we will be featuring another exciting line up.

View_of_a_performance_on_stage_from_the_wings Backstage With The Solo Actor Before Curtain Up

Having spent many interesting years backstage with actors, I mentally put them into categories. This helped me deal with them as they needed to. Say, performers in a dance ensemble had different pre-curtain issues from comedy enactment actors. Actors from historical plays needed to be handled differently from say, Indian regional actors. In this categorisation […]

abish In Conversation With Abish Mathew

We caught up with Abish Mathew while he was en route to a location in Mumbai for a shoot. He very generously shared his experiences of being a solo performer with us. Take a look!   1. What is your backstage routine before a performance? Everybody works differently. For a high concept performance, such as […]

stage The Actor On Stage: Solo Theatre

Solo performances, also known as one-man shows, have recently begun to gain traction in India. The reason we are focusing on this form of acting is because, undeniably, there is something magical and indescribable about seeing a single individual convey the emotions and journeys of multiple characters on one stage.   Solo performances are thought […]

Veda's Blog My Theatre

Blogging about what Theatre means to me The idea of a break is quite ambiguous to me. In ascending order of hormonal maturity, the break or the holidays meant to hit the jungle gym, play basketball or take the road to places unknown to us. Now, I need a break, and quite honestly … I […]

Macbeth-6 From Screen to Stage: How Theatre ‘Plays’ Out

What do Julie Andrews, Hugh Jackman and Al Pacino have in common with Shabana Azmi, Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin Shah? Not only are they all actors, but they are all actors who have also forayed into theatre and established their names there. The extraordinary talent that each of these performers hold is extended into another […]

ncEe8LAcA Dramatizeth Thy Business

Blogging about the similarities between the theatre stage professional and the corporate professional I for one have never been a fan of rain. The soft cold winds prior to a rain on the other hand, and the smell of wet earth afterwards, I don’t mind. While I sit in a cubicle, writing this, the murky […]